Buying a Home Without Personal Interaction

September 23, 2021

Buying a Home Without Personal Interaction
Buying Without Seeing your Agent, Lender or the House in Person
While it’s not typically ideal, these are atypical times and people do buy homes without seeing them in person, and without meeting face-to-face with their agent and lender more often than you would think.
Today’s reality is that you can fly over, in and around any house that you want from the comfort of your own home. With the use of drone video, 3-D Tours and Live-walkthroughs, it isn’t that hard to virtually get to know a house and the surrounding area.
While nothing can entirely substitute the experience of visiting a home in person, the tools and technology we now have available can make you feel like you have been there. Additionally, our agents and lenders are set up to communicate all needed information via phone, email or video chat as well, if needed.
Ready to buy a home with limited physical contact? Don’t even want to get out of bed?
Here is your step-by step guide:
  1. Call us and get connected with a local well-respected mortgage professional to find out what you can afford. Mortgage apps can be completed online, and any required docs can be sent electronically, scanned from your phone (try the “Tiny Scanner” app), or dropped off without contact.
  2. As soon as you know what you can afford, let us know. We will start sending you properties that fit your price range, general criteria and favorite areas.
  3. If you are in the area, do a drive-by of any properties you are interested in. If not, we can film a video for you.
  4. Walk around the neighborhood in person, and/or use Google maps, and Google Earth. Get to know the neighborhood, neighbors and lot layout.
  5. Tour the inside of properties virtually through facetime walk-throughs, Facebook Live Open Houses, by 3-D tour, video walk-throughs, or in person if you are local and the house is vacant.
  6. In-person showings usually go like this: An agent opens up the house, sanitizes everything and opens all doors, blinds, closets etc, minimizing what you need to touch. The agent can wait outside or in the car. Questions can be answered in person at an appropriate distance or on the phone from the car.
  7. If you like the home, request and review the property disclosures and inspection reports online, and on the phone with one of our team members.
  8. Discuss the details of the buying process, with us either over the phone or via Zoom meeting online. Topics to cover: Review disclosures, discuss the purchase agreement, offer terms and contingencies. 
  9. Write the offer! Review the offer documents and then sign the offer electronically with Docusign.
  10. Do a walkthrough at the property with your agent either with Facetime or in person. As above, in-person walkthroughs will be coordinated to adhere with strict social distancing rules.
  11. Wire funds electronically for your initial deposit.
  12. Complete additional inspections and due diligence.
  13. Property is appraised by the lender (if you are getting a loan).
  14. Release contingencies.
  15. Wire your down payment funds.
  16. Sign your loan and title documents. This can be arranged with a mobile notary coming to your home or another location of your choice. Signoff will be done with strict social distancing rules.
  17. Get the keys delivered to you after the sale is recorded at the County electronically.
  18. Move into YOUR new home.
  19. Shelter in place.
  20. Stay healthy.

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