Prepared and Educated Buyers Win

April 8, 2023

Prepared and Educated Buyers Win
You can give 100% and still not win.
So why would you ever give less?
Buyers who get their offers accepted are always wholeheartedly ALL-IN: They have reviewed ALL of the disclosures, visited the house multiple times, written a sincere letter to the sellers and have spent hours talking to their agent, studying the comparable properties and understanding the market.
Price and terms ultimately don't even come into play until you are mentally and emotionally all-in.
In this market, being the winning offer means stepping out of your comfort zone and putting it all on the line.
Work with Coastwoods; we will make it as comfortably uncomfortable as possible.
When making your final offer, we ensure you have your eyes wide open and are days deep in preparation and education.
While going up against multiple offers (8 in this case), we used our formula; our clients went all in and WON.
However, they would have been okay if they hadn't gotten the house because they had not held back.
It's easy to regret holding back, but you rarely regret giving it your all.
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