Moores Gulch – Just Sold!

September 19, 2022

Moores Gulch – Just Sold!
Closing day property walk with buyers, sellers and their agents.
At Coastwoods, we believe that real estate is all about people and places.
And there’s no better way to celebrate a closing than to walk the property lines, talk to trees, and eat from the land with Buyers, Sellers, and their agents present.
More often than not buyers and sellers find themselves to be kindred spirits and revel in the opportunity to meet and hand over the reins. 
Redwood Circles, fresh cherry tomatoes, septic tank location scouting, meeting the neighbors and the handing over of keys were just a few of the highlights. 
As our clients cross the finish line, the hassle of rates, loan applications, inspections, negotiations and signings fade into the rearview mirror, and the reality that they found their sanctuary settles in.
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