Our 48-Hour Referral Promise

December 23, 2022

Our 48-Hour Referral Promise

When we refer business and a sale closes, we earn a referral fee. 

It’s a nice perk, but that’s not why we want to help you find a great agent.

We are invested in connecting you with the best, because we care. 

We care about you and we care about your success. We care about your family and friends and we care about their success.

And we care about who we connect you with. 

Our Promise to You: When you, your friends and your family need the advice of a top-notch agent, we will find the right agent for the job and give you their name within 48 hours of your request; anywhere in the world.

Just give us the parameters, we will play matchmaker...and only match you with the best.

Right now, you or someone you know probably has a real estate question or need. 

Our answers, time, experience and knowledge are free. We will fill that need and/or find someone who can.

So, keep your eyes open, your ears peeled…and keep us in mind when referrals are needed and questions need to be answered.

We appreciate you!


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