Save West Cliff Drive

January 20, 2023

Save West Cliff Drive

Welcome to West Cliff Dr., Santa Cruz.

As many of you know, West Cliff sustained major damage in the storms that California recently experienced.

President Joe Biden is visiting the area today and will be surveying the destruction to private property, businesses, and public spaces.

Our government officials are going to have choose who receives the available funding.

The local community has started @SaveWestCliff with the goal of drawing attention to our national treasure.

We hope that local, state and federal agencies will help with the funding and implementation of a sustainable plan that keeps this resource safe, open and available for public access and enjoyment.

There is no hidden agenda here.

There are no businesses that will thrive because people get to walk on W. Cliff Dr.

People themselves thrive when they walk /bike/run/cruise and tailgate on West Cliff.

Everybody reading this undoubtedly has a place where they to go to connect to nature, their community, and themselves.

A place where the the dust settles and thoughts are gathered, a place to breathe fresh air and move our bodies.

Westcliff Drive is that place for tens of thousands of people here in the Bay Area, but also for people from all over the world.

When you visit these cliffs and you gaze out at the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary you are directly experiencing the results of the conservation, public access and civic work of people before you.

If you love West Cliff Dr., now is the time to step forward and make sure that:

1) Money is secured to make short-term repairs

2) A thoughtful and sustainable long-term plan is put into place

Sign up at and make your voice heard. 🙏

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